About us

I am not anti allopathic or pro Ayurveda treatment. All I believe just in following realities;

  • Some time you need to use knife to save your life. Make sure it is going to make your life better.
  • Sometime you need to use a toxic chemical to save your life . Make sure that is only option to save your life.
  • Make sure there is another option in Nature. One life depend on another life. Just explore the possibilities of using a life in the form of plants to save your life in a better way to make you healthy.
  • Make sure there is another weapon you have in your own body to secrete many marker to guide your health . That is meditation and Yoga.

Why you should try this product?

  • Ingredients used in OUR formulations have been discovered long time back by smart observers who were observing the nature closely while working with plants and animals. The information is quoted in religious and ancient pharmacopeia.
  • All the ingredients used in our formulations are out there.  Many companies are selling the same.
  • But majority of them fail to combine the ancient information with modern science.
  • Modern science teaches the required dose needed to be effective.
  • Modern science teaches the right combination in right ratio.
  • Modern science teaches the better bio-available delivery system.
  • If any of the company provides this combination of modern science with ancient discoveries, please go ahead and try that product.

We guaranty you that we have the “Infusion of Modern Science with Ancient Discoveries”

Our innovation as GreenTrap for Nutraceutical applications has opened a new avenue for stability, solubility and/or permeability enhancement of problematic nutraceuticals like most of phytochemicals

Ayurvedic Doctor & Physician At Ayurvedic Doc

Dr Mewa Singh